Project Overview

Millions of scientific materials are published every year, therefore researchers don’t always have the opportunity to process them on time and in full. Lack of time for analysis cause limited depth of research and leads to poorer decision-making and lower efficiency of organizations.
The idea of our project is to empower both scientific and other research with a tool that will help streamline parts of the research process.
To achieve the required goals, DataObrii created LitGen.AI – the solution that incorporates state-of-the-art AI models and scientific research methodologies to save valuable time for researchers while performing deep analysis of thousands of papers. The economy of time is impressive – up to 30%!

Our team of tech developers and research specialists has implemented the following steps:
-  conducted user interviews to learn about the key needs of potential customers;
-  developed the key AI/ML product features and tested them on the KSE base;
-  created a high-quality website prototype.
With LitGen.AI, which is based on advanced NLP algorithms and ChatGPT, the users will be able to automate the literature review process:
-  explore the most relevant articles and form the seed body of literature;
-  form a Map of concepts on multiple levels of aggregation to easily determine connections between ideas, papers and knowledge;
-  link their concepts with those of colleagues and explore collaboration;
-  complete the literature review using generative AI and export it to any app they use.

Created LitGen.AI helps to automatically condense thousands of important data sources. Using guided procedural component, structured content analysis and a family of Natural Language Processing Tools users can get intended results faster, in the form of conclusions, literature reviews or presentations. It cuts the organization’s costs by saving 30% of time spent on research.
Scraping, mind maps, literature review, gap detector, filtration mechanism.


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