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Our client required an innovative solution to effectively monitor and quantify impressions of outdoor advertisements. The goal was to accurately track the number of ad views, providing valuable insights for optimizing ad placements and pricing decisions.
DataObrii developed a solution, which was designed to monitor the car traffic, that was moving near the installed IP traffic camera. It tracked ridership (number of ad views or impressions) that was passing by particular billboards (outdoor ads) per day. This was achieved through a three-part system, consisting of a common user interface (web page), a subsystem for video stream recognition (client), and a subsystem for data collection and analysis (server).
The main content of the user page – addresses of traffic cameras with hyperlinks. The latter provided users with video content with detected cars and amount of passengers. Also, customers are able to track and monitor data updates each defined period of time (per day, or per month). The server receives metadata, alerts about it, and displays the user interface. On a certain page of a particular video stream, the video stream and the number of cars received from the User are displayed on the web page.

The AI-Based Car Detection system improved the way outdoor advertising impressions are monitored and measured. By accurately counting passing cars and estimating ridership, our client gained valuable insights into the effectiveness of billboard placements.

The system empowered the company to make informed decisions on ad pricing and placements, maximizing the advertising impact and return on investment.
Python3, Flask, Tensorflow, YOLOv4, Cuda, Imagezmq, OpenCV, Numpy, Scipy.


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