Project Overview

The coronavirus pandemic has become a challenge for society, health systems, economies and governments worldwide. Observing steps maintained by politicians, our team decided to put efforts and help doctors and ordinary people with coronavirus detection by creating an AI-based pre-screening model. The solution, CDetector, is a convolutional neural network model that aims to detect COVID-19 and encompass both lung X-ray and CT modalities. The solution allows users to indicate symptoms and upload images of the lungs.

The model recognizes pneumonia with 95% accuracy, and with 80% accuracy determines whether the inflammation is caused by COVD-19, pneumocystis, streptococcus, or SARS.

Based on developed technology, we believe that our solution will empower clinics and healthcare centers to provide better patient care and assist them with screening, diagnostics, and management of COVID-19 patients. In case of future waves of infections, the solution will help doctors prioritize screening for the most affected patients and protect healthcare providers from burnout.

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