Project Overview

The client needed to create a web scraping service to collect detailed information, including prices, times, and bonus points (miles), from one of the airline platforms.
The infrastructure of the platform that needed to be parsed was based on complex routing mechanisms with cookie control and additional bot protection. To overcome these restrictions, both standard and real-person emulations were needed. Since the infrastructure served a load of up to 50 000 requests per day, it needed a more resource-intensive solution.
To receive flight ticket data from the airline platform in the customer’s requested specifications, we developed API Gateway that trigger the lambdd sea function to ensure all the scraping processes. After web scraping lambda stores sessions data, accounts data, input/output requests and execution logs in the DynamoDB tables. Then the collected tickets data back to the customer.
As a result, our customer received a reliable web scraping tool, allowing him to quickly and efficiently use the information with the parameters he needs.
MailSlurp, SmartProxy, Undetected-chromedriver.
The project would be stored and executed from the AWS platform. We are using DynamoDB table to store our data.


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