Project Overview

Outdoor Advertising Monitoring Company "Fotomonitor".
Our client has requested a solution to aid in the checking and monitoring of the content shown on outdoor ads, specifically billboards. The primary objective was to ensure that the displayed content was high quality and adhered to legal standards.
The solution used IP traffic cameras to check and monitor the content displayed on moving billboard ads. It consisted of three parts: a common user interface (web page), a subsystem for video stream recognition (client), and a subsystem for collecting and analyzing data (server).
The customer page displayed the addresses of the videos and a column with the current status (indicating whether the video stream met standards, displayed no video, etc.), and direct links. The client had an opportunity to choose an address, video stream, and images with the ad content. The general settings of the project included the ability to set the frequency of checking video clips for compliance, as well as the ability to add a new video stream. The server received metadata, alerted about it, and displayed the user interface.
The AI-Tracking of Outdoor ADS project revolutionized outdoor advertising monitoring. By leveraging AI and advanced video analysis, “Fotomonitor” gained unprecedented insights into the quality and compliance of billboard content. The system's accuracy and efficiency allowed for data-driven decisions on pricing and ad placements.
Through AI-powered technologies, DataObrii empowers clients to stay ahead of the curve and elevate their operations to new heights.
OpenCV, Tensorflow, Numpy, Flask, fine-tuned YOLOv3 object detection model, imagezmq library.


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