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Our client needed an innovative solution for spin coating, a critical procedure used to deposit uniform thin films onto flat substrates. The process involves applying a small quantity of coating material to the centre of the substrate and then rotating it at high speed to evenly spread the material through centrifugal force.
The team created a high-performance spin coater (a spinner) that was made up of several essential components:

-  power unit – DC electric motor with gearbox;
-  the reducer ensured the necessary frequency interval of rotation of the working chamber;
-  the power supply unit of the device converted AC voltage of 220V, 50 Hz to DC voltage of 9V, which provided power to the electrical circuits of the device;
-  the driver unit of the power circuit made it possible, smoothly changing the voltage on the electric motor, to change the speed of the working chamber from 500 to 4000 rpm, which made it possible to use solutions of different densities and substrates of different materials to produce nano-films.

The electronic part of the device consisted of a control unit, speed sensor, driver electronics, LCD monitor and control panel. The Central part of the control unit was a microcontroller STM32F103C6, which received signals from the optical speed sensor and control panel keys controlled the device and displayed information on the LCD monitor.
The Spin Coater solution provided our client with a reliable tool for enhancing their thin film deposition processes. The innovation allowed them to achieve uniform and consistent results across various substrate materials and coatings.

By leveraging this technology, the company improved efficiency, reduced production time, and elevated the quality of its thin film products.


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