Project Overview

Our client required an innovative solution to streamline the process of generating titles from given keywords for content creation. The company aimed to enhance their content creation workflow and boost the engagement of customers.

The team selected AI21 for NLP modelling and prepared extended datasets for model training. One of the main challenges was choosing appropriate titles, which needed to meet our expectations. DataObrii developed a wrapper for AI21 API that received authentication and the necessary parameters for the model request: the model name, the mode of query, the required number of headers and keywords for generation.
The AI-Powered Title Generator transformed our customer's content creation process. The automated system significantly accelerated title generation while ensuring titles were optimized. The solution brought efficiency and creativity to content development, allowing the client's team to focus more on crafting impactful content rather than struggling with title creation.

This project reflects our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide clients with transformative solutions that enhance their operations and competitive edge.

Python 3, REST API,, pandas.


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