Joseph Matthew

CEO, Software WORX

DataObrii have built the backend of our Serverless application, they did an amazing job adapting to new challenges and putting things together in a short period of time. Happy to work with them in the future.

Anx Patel

CEO, GoKart

DataObrii helped us to figure out ways how we can utilize existing data sources at our company, and efficiently apply AI models in order to increase the performance of our business. More cooperation is coming!

Sergey Smolyar

CEO, Fotomonitor

DataObrii helped us to build amazing advertisement tracking system for outdoor monitoring. Now we use latest computer vision technologies that increased our productivity at least twice! Good quality of work, great timing! Definitely will work with them further!

Sonny Sehgal

CEO, Transputec

We worked on a R&D project to increase customer satisfaction using ML and AI technologies. Deep business analysis was made and several PoC models were deployed to highlight possible ML strategies for the company. We have experienced a great sense of cooperation and dedication!

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