Project Overview


Our client was looking for a sophisticated solution to stabilize the horizontal position of a platform, enabling them to achieve precise and consistent results. The challenge was to develop a mechanism that could maintain the platform's position despite external factors and disturbances.


DataObrii designed and implemented the Smart Platform Stabilizer, a cutting-edge solution that utilized advanced technologies to achieve accurate platform stabilization.

Its key components included:
-  MPU5060 Integration: the team incorporated a combination of gyroscope and accelerometer sensors to determine the platform's position angle and acceleration; 
-  Noise Reduction: to minimize noise and enhance accuracy, a simplified generative adversarial network (GAN) and Kalman filtering techniques were applied to the sensor data;
-  Stabilization Mechanism: the platform's stabilization was controlled by an STM32F103 microcontroller, which processed the sensor data and executed precise actions;
-  Communication: position data from the platform was transmitted wirelessly via Bluetooth to a desktop Java application, providing real-time monitoring and control;
-  Motor Mechanisms: The Smart Platform Stabilizer utilized stepper motors as the initial working mechanisms to adjust the platform's position. In a later version, these were replaced with servo motors for even finer control.


The implementation of the Smart Platform Stabilizer had a substantial impact on our customer's operations. By achieving accurate and reliable platform stabilization, the solution optimized the execution of the main processes.

This automation of key workflows translated to increased efficiency, reduced operational costs, and improved outcomes.


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