Project Overview

The client needed an AI solution that would simulate human conversation by using key pre-calculated phrases based on auditory or text-based signals for communication with group followers.
The solving required specific features that were not available through the use of a simple bot-builder. Our customer asked for two functions that needed to be integrated and work together: external communication with predetermined leads and moderation of a Telegram group.
Initially, the bot engaged leads to enter the main Telegram group. External communication was implemented by sending pre-written messages to the leads database, answering leads’ questions, and inviting them to join the main group.
In the second stage, once the users accepted the invite and joined the main group, the bot monitored the group activities. It welcomed new followers, responded to messages and kept order in the group. In the event of any violations of the group rules such as spamming, the bot issued a warning message or removed the user from the group in case the violation continues. Additionally, the bot was capable of sending private messages to either all group participants or to selected members.

The AI-Based Chatbot Service provided our client with a powerful tool to automate essential workflows. By automating external communication, and group moderation, the client saved valuable time and resources.

The chatbot's capabilities enhanced engagement, improved group dynamics, and ensured adherence to group rules, ultimately delivering a seamless and user-friendly communication experience.
Python-telegram-bot, chatbotAI, Telethon, chatterbot.


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