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Grow and introduce high-end data science technologies faster with the team of our experienced data scientists with high attention to detail.


Make use of the latest Internet of Things developments to satisfy customer needs better with our top-notch AI-augmented hardware development team.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes of course. We suggest the services of only one specialist to meet your business needs.

We charge a representative rate, which is a rate per hour of senior data scientist. Rate is adjusted for middle and junior specialists.

We provide a detailed development plan and try to precisely predict hours needed for the project, so the client can control his/her expenses. We charge biweekly or monthly.

Please contact us and our team will help you with a project estimation based on your business problem.

After you sent the request, we will reply to you within 24 hours.

Yes! Please contact us and our team will prepare a creative solution to meet your business needs.

There are several ways how we can efectively deal with that - isolated environment for ds models, simulation tools, or we can build all ML cycle for you where we do not use your data at all and let you integrate it into your system by yourself. Usually, ML service is a standalone service, so there is no significant integration work needed.

We will talk about your business processes and issues you want to optimize. After that we will propose you precise steps and ML techniques that need to be implemented to solve your business case.  You will also have a precise project cost and timing estimation. After that we are ready to go!


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