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The client required the development of a versatile hand-held text and BMP viewer that could read files from an SD card and transmit information over Bluetooth to a secondary device with a display. The device needed to display file structures, text, and BMP files on an LCD screen. Additionally, the customer desired gesture control using an accelerometer to navigate through the file system.
Creating a compact and efficient file viewer with wireless transmission capabilities posed a significant challenge. Integrating an accelerometer for gesture-based navigation and ensuring seamless connectivity between devices required careful engineering.
DataObrii created the hand txt/BMP viewer which allows reading SD card, transmitting information over Bluetooth to the second device with a display and displaying file structure, text and BMP files on the LCD screen. With the help of an accelerometer, it is possible to browse through the file system using gestures. Stm32 was used as a main managing controller for SD card and LCD screen.

A second modification of the device included interaction with PC filesystem. Data was transmitted through the WIFI module from PC to the microcontroller. Microcontroller connects to the WIFI hotspot using ESP8266 WIFI module, the desktop application is written in Java.
The outcome was a feature-rich hand-held file viewer with gesture control, capable of efficiently reading and displaying text and BMP files. The integration of gesture navigation added a unique and user-friendly dimension to the device.

This project exemplified our proficiency in designing cutting-edge solutions that bridge the gap between hardware and software, resulting in innovative and user-centric products.
STM32 microcontroller, SD card integration, ESP8266 WiFi module, Java desktop application.


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